Preserving and enhancing cultural heritage is the goal of innovative solutions that we develop and realize for exhibition spaces, public reception areas and bookshops of museums, exhibitions, galleries, libraries, offices and public spaces.

We integrate materials such as glass, aluminum and solid surfaces with technical solutions for lighting and microclimate regulation in exhibitors, furnishings, walls and multifunction panels, which guarantee accessibility and safety requirements for the public and museum operators.

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Theke is the brand of Dform s.r.l. dedicated to exhibitions for museums, permanent or itinerant exhibitions and exhibition spaces. Theke exploits Dform's experience in furniture manufacturing and the specific know-how in the cultural heritage sector to design and produce display cabinets - also equipped with touch technology - bases, walls and multifunction panels, as well as specific seating and furnishings for the public reception areas and areas dedicated to museum merchandising.

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Up-to-date technology and production processes that pay attention to every detail: we are a hi-tech company, but with an artisan workshop soul.
From the client's needs, our professional team develops drafts of the project for a fitting or a new product, such as an exhibition window, a chair or a piece of furniture. The result of the technical development of the project - once defined with the client - will be the guideline for the prototyping phase, necessary for both certification and production and supply of the product.

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We offer our clients - public bodies, companies or professionals - a unique and personalized service of:

  • Technical-economic feasibility study
  • Project development
  • Prototyping and realization of prototypes and samples
  • Certification by a certification body
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and after-sales assistance

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Theke offers specific support to all types of clients, public bodies, proven companies and designers working in the cultural heritage sector.


Our goal is to ensure that all museum installations are accessible to a wide audience and that allow employees to handle and maintain collections in safety.