Reperti exhibition

The Reperti exhibition wall is an evolution of the "Illustrativa" one and thanks to a series of accessories it allows the display of exhibits that need a vertical support. The exhibits are held in place by a metallic element in satin-finish stainless steel, at the base, and a series of rungs, also in stainless steel, to ensure vertical stability. The pegs, which are available in different sizes and types, have a Teflon terminal element to prevent the exhibit from being damaged in contact with the metal.


  1. Materials: antibacterial, antineutrini, antirust
  2. Lighting:
  3. Safety:
  4. Microclimate:
  5. Staff accessibility: simple and total


Mod. 000
Dimensions: 200x260 (WxDxH, cm)
Material: aluminum solid surface

Mod. 000
Dimensions: on request
Material: on request

Mod. 000
Dimensions: Series 10mm
Material: stainless steel

Mod. 000
Dimensions: Series 14mm
Material: stainless steel

Mod. 000
Dimensions: Series 18mm
Material: stainless steel

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