Solid surface

Material composed of two thirds of rock mineral and one third of methyl methacrylate, is a homogeneous material in all its thickness, resistant, preserves its original appearance unchanged over time. It is a material with characteristics such as the extreme ease in cleaning and above all the possibility to restore the surface in case of any scratches or stains. In particular, this material possesses a fire resistance class of type A1, is unaffected by fungi and bacteria, is not porous and allows welding to be carried out without the presence of joints.


Considering the importance that this material occupies in the exhibition, we have chosen to use extra clear glasses in order to guarantee the best visibility of the exhibits. The extra-clear glass is a special product, which differs from the classic float glass, due to its high light transmission capacity, excellent transmission neutrality which ensures vivid colors in the exhibits, and a slight staining of the glazed component. Specifically, extra-clear 4 + 4 + 1 glasses are used as standard

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a ferrous alloy with contents of chromium (≥10.5%) and carbon (≤ 1.2%) which, in contact with oxygen in the air or water, form a surface film of chromium oxide make them particularly resistant to corrosion. For this reason it is an ideal material to be used, as well as in confined spaces, even outdoors.
The steel used in this product is type 2B with a satin finish finish.


For our products we use the aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy named EN AW-6060T6, as the most suitable for the mechanical characteristics required and for its excellent attitude to anodizing. In order to guarantee the best mechanical and chemical-physical performances, the thickness of anodic oxide we choose for the aluminum profiles we use is in class 15micron.

American cherry wood

This wood essence has a heartwood with a reddish color, has a compact, straight and fine fiber. These characteristics, together with the good resistance to compression and impact, make it an excellent wood for furnishing.

Ash wood

This wood essence has a chromatic appearance ranging from blond to rosé, it has a medium-wide texture with straight and regular fibers. It is a sturdy and flexible wood and therefore suitable for the realization of furniture and furnishings.

First flower skin

The first flower skin, also called full grain, is the most precious and natural part of the leather made from the upper layers of animal skins and is characterized, as well as for its durability, the softness and naturalness of the aesthetic appearance and the silky and soft feeling that transmits to the touch.


The eco-leather, which should not be confused with faux leather, is a type of leather with low environmental impact and meets the requirements of the UNI 11427: 2011 standard.

Teak wood

This tropical woody essence is a precious, has shades of color ranging from green to brown to black. It is a wood that tends to lighten over time and is very resistant to atmospheric agents thanks to the presence of oily substances inside it.



Bright floor

The "all-surface" LED system that we use in our display cases guarantees homogeneous lighting, without shadows and reflections, and is ideal for enhancing the finds. The light can be hot, cold and dimmable. Moreover, the very simple installation system makes it particularly practical both during assembly and maintenance.

Strip LED

Monochromatic LED system, with IP44 protection class light color 3500K.





Passive conditioning

For passive microclimatic control are used pats of Art Sorb, a product based on silica gel and lithium chloride, which works as a real exchanger, absorbing and yielding moisture with the surrounding environment. It is possible to pre-condition the rolls with RH from 40 to 70%, calculating the right value from time to time depending on factors such as the volume to be conditioned, the materials to be exhibited, etc.


Opening system



Multi touch film

The film consists of a special multi-touch interactive foil combined with a rear projection film then coupled to the laminated safety glass. All this allows consultation of the multimedia contents developed that are projected by the projector placed inside the window..




It is a special printing process based on the transfer of color on substrates such as paper, plastic or other substrates such as acrylic solid surface, ensuring an excellent result in terms of definition and durability.

Bubble free

It is a special printing process made on adhesive PVC film, which is then applied to the LED light top. The backlighting of the graphics gives the same refinement and greater visibility..