Bookshop case

The Bookshop case was designed to display editorial material and merchandising. It is characterized by a particular opening system that provides for the sliding of the display surface to facilitate insertion or extraction of the exposed material. The display surface is equipped with a "full-surface" LED lighting system combined with a lighting system with LED strips positioned along the short sides of the display case. The lower area of the case has a large compartment useful for storing products on display.


  1. Materials: antibacterial, antineutrini, antirust
  2. Illumination: led
  3. Security: lockable, laminated glass
  4. Microclimate:
  5. Staff accessibility: simple and total


Mod. 000
Dimensions: 90x180x90 (WxDxH, cm)
solid surface aluminum, extra clear glasses

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    Characteristics in detail

    Solid surface

    Material composed of two thirds of rock mineral and one third of ...

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    For our products we use the aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy ...

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    Considering the importance that this material occupies in the exhibition ...

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    Bright floor

    The "all-surface" LED system that we use in our display cases ...

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    Strip LED

    Monochromatic LED system, with IP44 protection class light color 3500K.

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