Omega bench

The Omega bench, thanks to the materials with which it is made, is suitable to be placed both in confined spaces and outside. Its particular design makes it usable both as a seat along a museum path and in areas of rest and waiting.


  1. Materials: antibacterial, antineutrini, antirust
  2. Lighting: a led
  3. Safety:
  4. Microclimate:
  5. Staff accessibility:


Mod. 000
Dimensions: 170x60x47 (h)cm
Material : solid surface, stainless steel

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    Characteristics in detail

    Solid surface

    Material composed of two thirds of rock mineral and one third of ...

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    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel is a ferrous alloy with contents of chromium (≥10.5%) and carbon (≤ 1.2%) which, in contact with ...

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