Dform Theke | Messaggero Veneto, 09/18/2019


The newspaper “Messaggero Veneto” dated Wednesday 18th September 2019 dedicates an article of commendation to the artist Ludovico Bomben on the occasion of the winning of the seventh edition of the “Premio Cramum” for Art in Italy; the article briefly describes the birth and characteristics of the work that gave him the victory, his training and the collaboration ha has been pursuing for years with numerous companies in the area of Pordenone for the production of his works; among the companies mentioned, also Dform/Theke, with whom he collaborated in 2015 for the creation of the famous work “Acquasantiera“.

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Theke in collaboration with the IED (European Design Institute) of Venice: “Shaping the Future” Exhibition.

After stopping off at the Florence, Turin and Milan venues, the Exhibition arrived in the Lagoon on 22nd June 2019;

for its design and construction, the Exhibition saw the collaboration of students of the three-year courses in Interior Design and Media Design and of the continuing education course in Corporate and Private Events.

The Exhibition celebrates and displays 40 posters selected in the “Posterheroes 2018” contest, promoted by the Favini Company in collaboration with the PLUG Association and the IED.

Thanks to the technical partnership developed with the Companies Theke, L&S and Sadun for the implementation of the set-up idea defined by the students, the Exhibition has transformed the suggestive Palazzo Franchetti’s Lounge Area into a forest of images and graphics that lead viewers to reflect on the possible consequences of climate change, the development of artificial intelligence and respect for human rights.

It will be possible to visit the Exhibition from 22nd June to 19th July 2019 from 10am to 6pm, admission is free.

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Dform Theke | Nordest Economia, 05/20/2019


Theke appears in the Nordest Economia insert of the Messaggero Veneto dated 05/20/2019 with an interesting interview with the owner, Michele Filippi; during the article are explained the origins of the brand, the specific sector in which it operates, the specificity of the products offered and are described the symbolic works of the brand, such as the Royal Palace of Naples and the Pallottino Museum of Melfi.

In addition to the work already done, mention is made of future projects, on which the production of the new Bookshop for the Scala del Bovolo and the preparation of the exhibition in honor of Gribaudo, always at the Bovolo, prevail.

The article then reports a series of statistical data, citing the fact that 40% of Company turnover currently comes from sales abroad, a margin on which an increase is expected in the immediate future, mainly in the UK market thanks also to the participation in the largest museum association in the Country.

In conclusion of the article it is reported what can be considered a bit the leitmotiv of the Company, that is the fact that focusing on technological innovation, on the quality of raw materials and manufacturing and guaranteeing a good customer service it is possible to face any variation of the market conditions and always remain perfectly at the forefront.

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Theke provides the staging of this prestigious exhibition dedicated to a selection of paintings by the artist Valeria Costa (1912-2003) and exhibited from February 15, 2019 at the suggestive location of “Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo”, Venice.

The exhibition focuses on the violent use of color and pictorial material, privileging the works from which emerges the suffering of women in all its forms; birth, maternity, family, death, war, fear, defense, are the key words that inspire this selection of paintings that will build a sort of Dante’s feminine path, in dialogue with the large sketch depicting the Paradise by Jacopo Tintoretto (c. 1588) in which the coronation of Mary in heaven, belonging to the IRE collections, is celebrated.

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We are proud to invite you to the first event organized by THEKE in Venice, concurrently with the exhibition “I VOLTI DELLA PIETAS” conceived and curated by the art historians Laura De Rossi and Laura Marcomin, with the scientific advice of Dr. Agata Brusegan.

The exhibited works are part of the prestigious I.R.E collection. (Institute of Hospitalization and Education), the fitting out project conceived and directed by the Vitruvio studio under the artistic direction of designer Giovanni Di Vito was realized by THEKE, and sponsored by CORIAN DESIGN of DUPONT, and by L & S.

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Theke has been responsible for the creation of solid surface furniture for AUGEO. A new center for contemporary art in the historic heart of Rimini, born from the reconversion of Palazzo Spina, a seventeenth-century dwelling on Corso d’Augusto, the main artery of the city. Dedicated to exploring the different languages of the national and international art scene, AUGEO will host exhibitions and occasions for cultural meetings and exchanges. An area is also dedicated to the residence for the artists, to offer them the opportunity to know and inhabit the context and create site-specific works.

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